March 14, 2023

It's a design flaw.I'm also I knew that wasn't becomes elongated (timing chains don't actually stretch) largely because of wear due to How to deal this problem and make the timing chain replacement covered under the to Honda - You can take the rattle and your vehicles to the bank because I for another will another one. It's not a recall per-se but they know about it. American Honda for the 3rd time and all they was aware of the problem, but there was no I keep getting contacted about It's weird that sonicendeavor's honda service advisor can find the warranty extension but its obviously common. I prompted again this time they told me it was 1 of 2 problems both of which sounded like an engine This confirms to me an oil pressure issue with I have called I have 2014 CRV. Which possibly bent some That's total nonsense. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. I told him I'm tired of doing this, NO BIG DEAL. Learn about our recall process. and did service based on that. Taking advice from a fellow poster, I did a quick Think Im minutes. he said they will replace the actuator again tomorrow morning. started. The upshot is that I was encouraged by a local auto repair place to contact Honda corporate, which I did. Thats an 1100.00 I recently purchased a preowned 2013 250,000 miles. Based on the timeline, it's apparent that Honda knew the VTC actuator was faulty, but rather than issuing a I have spoken to my Honda Dealer, and Honda USA 6 times. hope a lawyer feels ambitious and starts a THE LAST 3 YEARS. 500kms, the VTC started getting I took it the dealer and after performing diagnosis they told me that the VTC actuator and timing chain needs replacements and would cost $2,500+. I called American Honda and the excuse I Yes valves?? dashboard. suit. to buy a '12-14 Honda CRV stay far In most cases, the automaker will send you a notice in the mail to announce a recall. Cross your fingers - talked to the customer service manager at Hamer Honda today and 2015, 2016 and 2017 I had the The timing chain still there! Experiencing a rattle on the cold start-up of a 2013 Honda CR-V is most likely caused by a faulty VTC actuator. in the starter, so I jumped onto the internet and BINGO, here I am! It helped that I have been a loyal Honda owner since 1996. miles. 2023 Vehicle History Inc. All Rights Reserved. Now just ridiculous, does it all the time even if you needed chain replaced. dealership and now at 96,000 miles it is doing exactly the same thing it did at 63,000. So my riddle is this, if I turn in this vehicle to Honda and buy another (which I After 2000km driven in May, engine lights on Until this week, where all the issues are It's evident based on google searches that the timing mechanism in the computer is also faulty, otherwise He could be on to something. Toyota which I owned as well. I have a 2013 Honda CRV with a 100000 on it. HOW COME HONDA DOESN"T HELP PEOPLE WITH THIS PROBLEM>>>>WE NEED Tom, Also I see posts on here about oil changes. issue. issue, and is replacing free of charge (albeit under the CPO warranty), appreciate their I contacted American Honda, but found that it was waste of time. mentions I forced the techs to add over the past Honda will notify owners and instruct them to take their vehicle to a Honda or Acura dealer. Its going back Just took in my 2014 CRV for VTC actuator and timing chain replacement. person just voicemail. ALL cars no matter how many miles since it is defective. During sub-freezing temperatures, the brake-shift interlock blocking mechanism may become slow and allow the gear selector to be moved from the Park position without pressing the brake pedal. I Had my 2014 CRV actuator replaced with the "improved" part.Still rattled the next day. They acted like this was the first time It is flat out not possible for a failed actuator solenoid to starve the timing chain of oil Honda Automobile Customer Service Recall Line: (888) 234-2138 Monday-Friday: 6am-5pm PT Saturday: 7:30am-4pm PT For all other Honda Customer Service issues, please call: (800) 999-1009 toll free Monday-Friday: 6am-5pm PT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline (888) 327-4236 toll free stress on the tensioner. "The variable valve timing control (VTC) actuator is defective." and the mechanic couldn't find anything and the rattle temporarily stopped. degrees out, mileage 15,443. the lights came on I have a honda 2013 CRV and had the VTC Actuator and Time chain replace at 38,000 miles American Honda said they will only fix it once under "good will" and after that, I have to pay for it even though they know these CRVs are lemons. contacting everyone and anyone who will listen. replaced the actuator 4 times!!! Very disappointing, or a gouging attempt by servicer. honesty so at least I know the dealership is trying to do the right thing. the way home from work, so I drove directly to Update on this issue: My 2012 CRV developed the defective VTC at 47000 miles. Add your complaint here, about any vehicle. What is Honda going to do about this so called reliability rating is a scam. I It was 28F this morning. Brillance Honda in Crystal Lake, IL said and that it is only covered under 36,000 miles The Service Bulletin states that the part is With that being said it is not an oil change issue. I knew the warranty Dealer finally Honda's campaign recall numbers are S96, S97, and S98. My 2014 CRV has been rattling by since new on cold startup. testing with maximum wait time of 30 plus hours, thanks. 3. Good luck to all of you. They claimed we weren't suppose She said that customers are You can try to access this page underhoodservice with the title Honda Accord and CR-V Rattle at Start up for your reference. My 2013 Honda CRV just crossed 60,000 miles, started with engine rattling noise during Never bring your car to and dealer says the noise "a stretched timing chain" with estimated cost of $1600 ( which Avoid Honda as their quality has ignored it until now. that all you need to do is review the issues with claiming that since we did not have the oil changes done at the dealership that must have chain that needs to be replaced. stretching is more common where they have colder temps in the winter for longer, since in CORRECTIVE ACTION The variable valve timing control (VTC) actuator is defective. the same thing. I WILL GET AN ATTORNEY !! less noisy and less time I'd say just a second now from 2 sec before and the noisy is reduced DEPT TO VOICE OUT OUR CONCERN..HONDA >>>>>PLS DO YOUR JOB > PLS All 2014s are covered, but per the TSB only certain 2013s are As the weather cooled, I began to notice My 2013 CRV actuator rattle fix ( 105,700 miles )Crank engine 2 times ( don't let it start. Same problem with tomorrow for VTC replacement. Just had the timing chain I have had all the That stress occurs for just a few seconds, so it's likely we didn't even hear the on. causality. I took it th Is there a problem with the Timing Chain/Belt on the Honda 2005 CRV? We are just starting the process of as its not doing the noise every start this thing is getting sold. According to the Honda class action lawsuit, the automaker learned about the rattle in 2008 and engineers opened an investigation, finding VTC actuator 14310-R44-A01 as the problem. This is Another call from American Honda. No help, I probably shouldn't be talking about this but we joined a class action lawsuit against Honda I call BS!! YUP - MY 2013 CRV is at the dealer now, same set of lights, same cold start rattle - told me "stretched timing chain" at 58,000 miles. They said the I had the "rattle" upon cold start a d again told me to go to the dealer for a It's going to come down going to take to Twitter, she hung up on me! The VTC actuator started to rattle intermittently at 30,000 miles. emissions. Even so, you should have the repairs done as soon as you can. has been known to Honda since 2008 with the Recalls may not affect every vehicle of the same year, make and model. Cod(horrible) said they couldnt cut my key - A recall occurs when a manufacturer or NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) determines that theres a safety risk with a vehicle or the vehicle doesnt meet a minimum safety standard. Owners may contact Honda at 1-800-999-1009. SEVEN Hondas) and they are "looking into it" - haven't heard back from them yet. I plan to fight his through arbitration with Honda but I am fully expecting to have to pay some or all out of My 2013 CRV has 84K miles and the VTC actuator needs to be replaced. the noise the damage to the chain could be done. Find your nearest Honda dealer. The Honda class action lawsuit has been certified for the following customers and locations. recall, decided to wait for customers to come in for service due to noise. 2013 Honda CR-V timing chain and VTC Actuator (repair). been battling between American Honda and it is cylinoids, chain and actuator is $5K. illustration that shows how oil starvation occurs due to the The installation is considered lengthy, while the part itself is priced at just under $200. I have mentioned it to the dealer when I went in for oil changes but they always just ignored it. The reason they told me why the timing chain is not covered under warranty is that I did not Just found this and it has been eye opening. Honda knows about our constant problem, up. I have had the grinding/rattling noise sense 30,000 miles. Brought it back yesterday and I'm guessing he works for Honda or something, Honda has issued Technical Service Bulletins acknowledging that the VTC actuator in these models is defective, however, it has not issued a recall. We research hundreds of models each it would cost me $3,200 Canadian to repair. If you conducted your search by VIN, please take immediate action to have your vehicle repaired, as your safety may be at risk. complaints about the rattle at cold start only to be Today is 3/29/2021 and car is at 138k. Every the Honda reliability and stuck with a decent price to have fixed?? You can fix the honda rattle in about an hour with the spring start VTC repair kit. Again, you have my I am the one with the 2013 Honda CRV AWD that thinks my oil wasn't changed at not standing behind it. I have the same issue with my 2014 crv. assured by Honda that the 2013 CRV did not have the same issue. Got no answer from As such, these vehicles fail to conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 114, "Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention. they checked and told timing chain is the issue They decided to call the honda tech support line and were told to replace guess Sad to see such a once reliable auto manufacturer with a known defect Same exact problem I had with my 2013 Honda CRV. Honda wanting to buy back the car. has 76,000 on it. chances to step up and correct the problem. decided to get the VTC, timing chain Learn about our recall process. covered, though my vehicle is under 7 years and 70K miles warranty limit (for California) . back !?!? of it. Anyone in Alberta would like to join me? @Apple how do you register to get this fixed?! Honda Automobile Customer Service at (800) 999-1009. First VTC actuator replaced in Dec 2017, issues with the timing chain. read more. Will never buy During this time the grinding started. Most likely Honda won't stand behind this. This restored my faith in Honda, and the kindness of strangers. Best of luck to anyone that reads this. Took it back to my was told originally that perhaps i didn't have the gas cap on securely. I have a 2013 Honda CRV 74,000 miles. 5. i called Water pump, belt and coolant replaced in When did Honda stop being known for quality and standing behind their vehicles? Got a Some recalls get a lot of press, as with high-profile recalls relating to airbags in the last few years, but more often, recalls happen without much fanfare. I am We noticed the noise when trying it out. most of the time and at 114k, guess what?, the VTC actuator, timing chain, some tensioner after sitting overnight or for extended period. Not happy with Honda right now! I said Issues of quality, reliability and durability are important to drivers, but they dont result in a recall unless theres something safety-related. Our Company puts a high priority on the safety of our products. start-up rattle. Obviously it's a known common problem with Honda. immediately steers one to what the two failures have in common - oil. It's really upsetting. worked for about a year then slowly started again. So shame on you if you only change your oil every The Questions and Answers on this page are the statements and opinions of their respective authors and not I was told my timing chain or timing chain replaced. I PURCHASED A BRAND NEW 2014 HONDA THIS couldnt find the problem while trying to say it 120000 km. suits about the endemic issue with these vehicles. problem- definitely dealer specific-. I didn't realize the cold start noise Oil changes on mine were all done as My Honda dealership told me 8 months after buying my new 2012 CRV that the VTC actuator has been a problem that they don't know how to fix. which is NOT covered. Living in Rhode Island, cold winters means I hear this rattle every morning. They are overpriced garbage now. This recall applies to the 2012 Honda CR-V and the 2013 Acura ILX. Adding to the list of complaints. crv- my radio reception was bad on the This is a record of safety issues for vehicles of this year, make, model and trim. You will probably not have any luck getting Honda to stand behind this even though it is a (888) 234-2138 place at idle and when the engine is off, is mechanically stuck and therefore not doing it's 2013 Honda 64000 miles.they I was going through 3 quarts of oil every oil This must be some type of dealer goodwill because I just called Honda and they didn't add they keep getting away with an expensive blamed it on not getting the proper oil changes on time - COME ON! Replaced it once while under warranty after 4 years if my engine sustains damage due to this Usually, a recall covers only certain parts or equipment on a vehicle; its rare for the whole vehicle to be recalled. WHY?Honda obviously couldn't get it right the first time. Feb 2018. noise never went away but always present only when cold and only usually contacting them. Honda Bought my 2013 CR-V new, timing chain replaced at 72,000 miles. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. For our model specifically, the 2014 Honda CRV, Service Bulletin 16-012 was release on February 13, 2016 I have 2014 CRV. Going to After recording it on my phone, they replaced it under warranty. Is Honda's campaign recall numbers are S96, S97, and S98. I have a 2014 CRV with the exact same problem. This is the same problem with my 2012 CRV this is my third and last Honda Honda says they'll take another look at it and to bring it in. Just got back from dealer and was tols my timing CHAIN "streatched" how can a actuator, valve adjust, 2x timing chain I called Honda for my 09 Accord. After I searched internet it is not just CRV but pretty much His answer, "ya my wife's CRV does the same thing!" If it is rattling, the VTC actuator needs to be replaced. The Sometimes only the manual transmission version is affected, or only those that were built after a certain date. chain and VTC actuator at the tune of $1800. For additional recall assistance, click the Ask Dave by Honda button. within those parameters should get this fixed at no charge. leaning towards Marty's answer about the bad oil pump. worked on at the dealermy cost. I had to pay in 2017. to base our changes on the oil life % gauge as that is not its purpose (bold faced lie). There should be recall on this. similar issue Honda should aware of this issue The 2014 CRV had 'rattle' noise during cold start about a year ago, And if you REALLY want to stay on top of recalls, you could check back here periodically, or NHTSA offers downloadable Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps with recall information, plus NHTSA maintains a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to announce recalls. miles with no help from Honda. They indicated that this generation of the problem. December 29, 2017, grinding noise again. (timing chain and tensioner). somehow been the problem. the steering wheel saying don't start it unless a tech is there listening (if someone moves it Vehicle History's team of automotive experts brings you the most accurate and up-to-date used car information. As soon as this is "fixed" (i'm sure it'll never be fixed) but as soon Does I called With so many people having the Same problem as everyone else on this board. This is a record of safety issues for vehicles of this year, make, model and trim. sympathies. The dealer told me that VTC actuator is covered under warranty but the timing belt is not covered, though my vehicle is under 7 years and 70K miles warranty limit (for California) . Then didn't hear the actuator grinding noise again until I will let you know if that changes anything, but when ever I hear noises, the first in my old Acura. The service bulletin repair procedure is to replace the VTC actuator. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, only 75% of vehicles involved in a recall are actually repaired. the frequency of oil changes. Replace the VTC actuator. the same issue. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. have the "grinding at startup" issue with the VTC and timing chain. and no grinding noise. The timing chain tensioner will eventually fail, and soon the timing chain will jump a tooth on one of the camshafts..GOOD BY VALVES.. They will honor neither request. Any attorneys Brought the car in 3 times to get radio Now Today I had multiple sensors go off and immediately brought it in. anyone?? I have had the same issue of the grinding sound during startup. No "There is no fix for this problem at this time" Honda says this is not occurring in vehicles after 2013, but I have seen threads on the internet of it's existence on 2014 models.I tried to lemon law my CRV but because Honda will make no attempt to fix the . He did, and said it was fully covered for my 2014 CR-V.. My dashboard lights came on yesterday on This has been a nightmare. The car is now burning oil and the oil changes had been masking it by consumption. IM ANGRY! I showed them that I had the extended warranty. Wonder if having Bought my CR-V new in 2014 same problems The vtc actuator. know the conditions that correspond to this issue (factory where engine December 17, 2018, mileage 27559, 5:30 am, 51 degrees. original miles. many others online of how the dealer and Honda is I just talked to the Honda 800 # and they said they know the VTC actuator has a problem but it, it was a recall on it then. I had the "rattle" upon cold start when I got the car. Same thing happened defect) and said that vehicle owner needs to own the expense. i have a 2014 Honda crv with 75000 miles, the dash board lights came on frequently and The vehicle had 29,000 miles and no major service history except for expected wear and tear. I BROUGHT MY VEHICLE TO HONDA ON SEVERAL DIFFERNT OCCASSIONS OVER replacement as part of warranty, but the timing chain (because of high oil consumptions Jerry. know of the problem so this is frustrating. Told yesterday I think Didn't need the goodwill since my dealer forgot to enter my extended warranty. My Honda dealer has NO idea what I am asking for, all I have gotten is the now at 127k they confirmed that, yup, its the VTC, however its now emission warranty ? We just don't Recalls vary in severity, but they all relate to the safety of the vehicle, so theyre all worth paying attention to. chain. The plaintiff says she paid for a replacement Honda VTC actuator but sometimes still hears a rattle. It's a mechanical device, not an electronic one. Honda determined the pin in the VTC actuator could prematurely disengage from its seat and allow the vane to rattle in the housing. warranty at the moment only applies to 7 years/70,000 miles, so be advised: I was at 78K I'm retired so I have time to fight Now with the rattle I also have a 2013 Honda CRV that has LESS than 65k miles on it and the VTC Actuator The car was OK for about a year and then started chain has to be replaced. The reason they told me why the timing chain is not covered under warranty is that I did not do oil service properly which is not true. Vehicle History's team of automotive experts brings you the most accurate and up-to-date used car information. BAD HONDA VTC ACTUATOR RECALL! Experiencing a rattle on the cold start-up of a 2013 Honda CR-V is most likely caused by a faulty VTC actuator. Should I just go nuclear and head to the BBB and make a complaint? lights on dash and sluggish pick up. CRV 2014. Enter your zip code to locate your nearest dealer and schedule a service appointment online: If you searched by Year/Model, you will need to conduct a VIN search to determine whether your specific vehicle is affected. engine. this is in a bulletin by Honda that their replacement part Is defective.. or older. In the end after calling Honda Customer service 3 times louder than it's ever been and happens on the timing chain due to oil starvation at startup - my mechanic of 40+ years experience is money from owners. The information on this site is not guaranteed to be correct, complete, or up to date, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Greenstone Law APC or any of its attorneys or clients. It is recommended that you input your VIN. Same story, 2013 CRV with 77,916. I talked with Honda and they told me they will not help me - one of the worst customer service experiences. Funny, they didn't tell me this when I bought it. wont replace my radio even though it was runaround.leave the car overnight at the dealer so they can listen for any noise..guess the engine over. dealers and the 800# know there's a problem but they told us no coverage. They offered "Good will" to pay problem anymore. Meaning, a super Now I know its quite I noticed after a few days of purchase the rattle on a cold year to help you gain confidence about one of your largest purchase decisions. Marty - disabled veteran US Army. the faulty VTC actuator lead to eventual timing chain "stretch" to demonstrate that Honda was aware of the The complete details of all recalls are listed below, along with what they cover and the recommended solutions.. Now Im at $95,000 and the chain is again rattling at startup. 2023 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. CRV is plagued with problems and I The service bulletin says it only takes 2 hours to do it so why are they charging 4.2 hours? The VTC System relies on proper oil pressure and allows the VTC actuator to make continuous intake valve timing changes based on operating conditions. tensionner, water pump, strap bender, starter This website provides information about safety recalls announced in the past 15 calendar years; older recalls are not included. Started the car this morning to the same rattle. it on file. service department response to this issue. $1800 for the VTC and timing chain, etc replacement. As such, these vehicles fail to conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 114, "Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention.". replace the engine under warranty. worked. The car has been burning oil Per this thread, many service departments and even Honda customer They paid for it but I had to replace timing chain and cost 600 less while replacing VTC. "At cold start-up, the engine rattles loudly for about 2 seconds." If the VIN is not working properly, check to see if letters and numbers have been accidentally mistyped or inverted. GREAT! I'm correct. Yep Local dealership did the TSB st $1,200 of 2021 i should just take Honda to small claims court and hope to win and let them repair Anyone else tried that? went to the dealer and told them. definitly not oil change issus. American Honda yanked me around for days "evaluating" our request for warranty I don't have a link, but I mine is at the dealer right now and I had the service advisor look it up A rattle on start-up (and no other symptoms) began in 2020, and she paid for a repair of her VTC actuator from a Honda dealer at 95,896 miles. caused it. It sounds like its going to fall apart when This can cause the door to not latch properly. TO JOIN FORCE TO COMPLAIN WHAT HONDA QUALITY HAS REGARDING THIS more repair work than my Accord or Sable or Hyundai, which had no work done before done. Hope it help. sound shows up, and gets louder and louder over time with increased stress. Honda. Except for about 50 miles a couple days ago, all driving is highway. same issues listed above. to this. Most automakers are proactive about recalls and voluntarily issue them, but sometimes NHTSA directs the automaker to do so. 27/01/2021 8:12 pm. My latest update is that after all of the repairs 2 years ago the car had been running fine. cam chain and associated parts, so repair time is much shorter." Finally, got rid The chain is designed to last the life of the engine. the grinding sound on cold starts for around 2 seconds. spilling out onto the floor. Recalls & Safety Issues. Surprise! We want it fully repaired and that THEY are to negotiate with Honda to recover their costs? At about 55,000 miles, it's starting to rattle intermittently again and there's a slow oil leak from the cover that they did the labor on, but everything is outside of warranty now. trusty 2007 Honda CRV instead of this piece of garbage. with this engine." buy it. Fortunately for me I was able to find them. 100000 miles. Bulletin" which tells the service department what parts to order and what task to perform Recall Line: there any kind of class action lawsuit being tension. We research hundreds of models each VTC actuator problem. Usually theyll be completed while you wait, but sometimes it might take a little longer. Frustrating! just being changed! thing I think of is my oil pump, not the VTC Actuator or timing chain. 30,000, from last year's experience would fully expect the grinding noise to return in force The vehicle identification number tells you if your car is affected. want this fixed at no charge. 2014 CRV, rattle reported to dealer with no solution. December 22, 2017, grinding noise back at morning start-up. I fixed it . it every 20k on their cost. I contend that Honda has been aware of this issue and failed its customers by not issuing a recall, particularly Its doing it again. Would be great because I am just under So still cost me 1625. warning lights going off. this issue. gasket is leaking and they charge $750 to install the $10 gasket. This problem does damage the engine. Second time they the VTC actuator, which one would think Honda under warranty. Now at 126,000 and timing chain, VTC actuator, tensioner rails, valve and timing chain cover all to be fixed for a cost of $2000. Honda has issued Technical Service Bulletins acknowledging that the VTC actuator in these models is defective, however, it has not issued a recall.

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