March 14, 2023

Dutch is learning that hands can be kind and gentle and hearts loving. You can search for dogs by selecting one or more of the criteria below. A typical figure is 12 a year, which doesnt sound a lot but when you consider there are only about 2,000 in the country its a worrying proportion, says Sue Williams, rescue coordin-ator of the Clumber Spaniel Club. English Springer Spaniel Welfare. He was grossly underweight, used to eat his poo and had such severe kennel cough the vet thought he might have distemper. Happily, Jake is now fighting fit and living an idyllic life five minutes walk from the Spey and a short drive from the Moray beaches. . He was my best furry friend and crewmate who I could always rely on and I love him to bits as did the bobbies on the beat.. However, their hunting instincts can make them very active so we take care to match them with energetic partners.. Colin was an explosive search dog for just over two years with his handler Phil and has completed numerous operational searches in Devon and Cornwall as well as other parts of the country on mutual aid. Originally thought to have been called 'cocking spaniels', cocker spaniels (or 'cockers') gained their name from their job flushing woodcock for hunters. He has been an excellent, if strong willed, explosives dog and his handler Chris will miss working him. Jake was bullied by the other dogs, she recalls. Ash was part of the A Litter, the first litter to be bred in force and born on 3rd June 2013 after the pairing of Ruby (Mum) and Marley (Dad). If you know the name of the dog you are looking for then type the name into the 'Dog Name' box. They are good to train because they are easily motivated by food or toys, friendly and eager to please, says Gemma Walton from the charity. 5 to 8 years 300. Post author: Post published: 22/06/2022 Post category: brenda payne hendersonville, tn Post comments: criminal fraternities 18th century criminal fraternities 18th century Right from the very first visit his handler knew that Sharon was right for Max and Max was right for Sharon. Sussex Spaniels. Colonial is a handsome boy who has lost his home and needs a fresh start in an experienced home, Scout is a a happy, friendly boy looking for an active home, Tweed is a sweet boy looking for a loving and active home, Fern is a gorgeous pup looking for a loving and active home. Molly has worked all over the British Isles assisting with many high profile events. Tel 01453 812210 Today he helps his deaf owner, Susan, by alerting her to sounds such as the smoke alarm, doorbell and cooker timer, letting her know when shes received a text message and even predicting when she is about to have an epileptic seizure. Lola is a very gentle and kind girl and needs a calm adult only home where she can get the TLC she needs, Andreais doing very well in her foster home. If you would like to help us mend some broken hearts and see whose have benefitted from this fund, Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross Poodle), Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross Bichon Frise), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross Shih Tzu. He has located countless hides across the county and been in involved in several murder investigations throughout his career. I needed another dog for beating because my Brittany could no longer manage a whole day. I deal with only three or four dogs a year needing a new home, and most are due to a change of personal circumstances. He must have access to a secure private outside space where he had the freedom to explore. He is sadly missed by all who knew him, but no doubt loving his well earned retirement with his new loving family in Exeter. She tracked 300 metres into a wooded area behind the garages up to the base of a fallen tree. Hector needs an experienced, adult only home to help him make progress and offer him a second chance. Within 2 weeks she had detained her first prisoners in Bournemouth and her career took off. Rhyannon Boyd of Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue (NESSR) claims that 99% of the dogs the charity deals with are from working strains. With love, gentle words of encouragement and praise Vera's adopters will see her start to blossom. CLICK HERE for more information. Our mission is to help as many Spaniels and their crosses in the UK and abroad who need a new start in life to find their loving forever home. He also acts as a fosterer, caring for and assessing homeless dogs until they can be placed permanently. This is a very long drawn out process and one to be avoided! Home; About. Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club Rosies handler has now hung up the lead after nearly a ten-year career with the dog section, Rosie was also retired after 4 years service. More information Nija need an home who are experienced with scared dogs and who have plenty of time and patience to help her come out of her shell. Riggs had a great work ethic and was always by Vikkis side when she needed him, taking on large disorders, tracking and detaining offenders , locating evidence, high risk missing persons and defending Vikki when needed, but deep down and at home he is a gentle naughty giant. Marley SA2846. Molly has fully embraced retired life and has discovered the luxury of central heating and the sofa but she still loves nothing more than mud and a tennis ball. In 2018 he went on to complete his firearms support course and worked successfully with the firearms teams in Dorset. Unfortunately he had to retire early aged 5 due to a condition described as being similar to sciatica in his back. Max is now enjoying his retirement in Truro, Cornwall with Sharon. If you are the very special adopters who are looking for a little pro At Many Tears we try and fix broken hearts. The armed forces and police use rescues as sniffer dogs. PC Drew said it has been a privilege to handle Boris and see the huge positive impression he made upon people as a result of meeting him. He was puppy walked bySteve and Maria Pearce before beginning his initial course 10 months later alongside his litter brother Harry and was successfully licensed 3 months later. William was one such dog. Sally was born in August 2011 and was bought by Devon and Cornwall Police, from day one she was seen as a highly driven dog with a level of excitability. He will be spoilt rotten and will be taking several camping trips now he has retired. Daisy has settled well into her foster home, she likes playing, she will need an adult only and very experienced home, Limpett is a shy girl who hides away and so needs an understanding homeiN. Sally was born in August 2011 and was bought by Devon and Cornwall Police, f. rom day one she was seen as a highly driven dog with a level of excitability. If you have the time and patience Delta needs you will be rewarded with a super little boy who will be a lifelong friend. Working Cocker. Whilst rehoming Bolt was the hardest decision I had to make, seeing the life he now has in retirement with his new family that adore him makes me realise it was the right choice. It took a while to get to grips with picking-up game but hes been a good working dog. ANGUS Lynshow Catherine Mason Farnell Email: She had been bought as a companion for a German shepherd both dogs were home alone all day while the owner worked but soon found herself in the care of NESSR. 9 to 11 years 200. Bosco . Over his career he has saved Prince Charles by doing clearance search at Poundbury (Dorchester) and saved Heads of State at NATO, G7 and G8 and Irish Summits. Molly is a 10 year old liver and white springer spaniel. They are doing a fantastic job and Vikki cant thank them enough. Amber placed her head in an overgrown section of the fallen tree and began biting something metallic. The offenders made a run for it, Bodie was sent and detained the biggest of them. During her initial drugs, cash and firearms course she got the nickname Princess Rosie due to having a long traceable pedigree and her sometimes diva-like qualities, and just occasionally youd catch a glimpse of her looking at the other dogs with a slight superior manner! Max is a 4 year old English springer spaniel. I explained that was his way of saying hello and asked if he would like to stroke him. Get new pet alerts . It would have been more but the old duffer, his handler, retired and Ajax finished with him. We are looking for an adult only, home where there is at least one other dog who will help Dappa Roo settle into home, DInkie is shy and not brave enough to approach us yet but loves her kennel friends. One of her last jobs before retirement was a track from a motorcycle which failed to stop in Plymouth. The children where he lives adore him and often can be seen playing tug with his ball on a rope. Jay started his service at the beginning of the pandemic, although Jay may have been short in service, he had some good results. Although they learn extremely well, they require more time and patience than a labrador, she says. Tel 01933 665562 He was a highly successful police dog and saved many lives and brought countless offenders to justice. We are now only accepting:DUVETS (not feather) - these need to be precut and stitched in dog bed sizesTOWELS, BLANKETS, SHEETS AND CURTAINSVET BED WOULD BE WONDERFULWE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING FOAM, FEATHER OR PILLOWS OF ANY KINDDONATIONS CAN CAN BE LEFT OF THE BENCH OUTSIDE THEENTRANCE ANY DAY OF THE WEEK BETWEEN 8:30am-3:30pm. More information Wendy is looking for a home with her best friend Yona, Yona is looking for a home with her best friend Wendy, Gift is a shy girl who is doing really well in foster and is super sweet and loves other dogs, Paisley is a sweet but worried girl looking for a calm and understanding home. The Field Spaniel Society Charlotte is a worried girl who is feeling overwhelmed and needs some TLC, Jordan is a scared girl who is looking for a calm and quiet home, Ophelia is a very nervous girl who is worried about being handled. SIWSC. Quiz needs an adult only home with a confident dog to be his friend. The Cocker Rescue Scheme Miss Greenie is a beautiful but very scared girl who has come to us from a breeder. Nura has made huge progress and now absolutely loves to run and play. He had some great results high risk mising person found hiding in Paignton, three offenders from a burglary in Exeter, three offenders for burglary in Totnes, and a burglar from TOR2 council site in Paignton. Shes inspired some of my colleagues to take on a rescue., Sue Axtells experience of rehoming proves that it is never too late for a dog to tap into its working heritage. Cocker Spaniel Dogs & Puppies near Scotland . Bo has taken very well to retirement and enjoys being the house dog. It was hard for her handler to keep her as a pet as she just didnt understand why she wasnt coming to work in the van and it was clear that she was getting stressed. Retro is a wonderful boy who has come out of his shell and loves a fuss. June 11, 2022 Posted by: what does dep prenotification from us treas 303 mean. He was underweight and in desperate need of clipping. Clumber Spaniel Club. Displaying 1 - 9 of 9 Cocker Spaniel Litters in Scotland . Too many pups from working lines go to people that dont understand how much exercise the minds and bodies of working breeds need. With the team initially policing South Devon area before returning to Exeter. This advert is located in and around Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Jake, an Irish water spaniel, was adopted from the Dogs Trust by Carole Spencer. Freddie was rescued by Devon and Cornwall police when he was just under 2 years old and trained as a drugs, cash and firearms detection dog. She has a particularly small ear canal on that side and is prone to infection. Clumber Spaniel Club. He came first in the regional trials, beating all the welsh forces, and the other South West Forces plus the Ministry of Defence Police Dogs. Snow is a lovely girl who walks on a lead and loves to be with other dogs. He progressed to become a firearms support dog for the last two and a half years of his career. Peppa is a Springer Spaniel crossed with a Rottweiler, Collie and Staffie, regularly demonstrating the traits of all these breeds ! She adores her kennel friends, sh Jiffy is a nervous girl who will need another kind dog in her new home, Josey will need an adult only home where there is at least one other dog to be her friend, Dancer is a sweet but shy girl who enjoys playing with her friends, Harley is a scared girl who needs an experienced, understanding home. Please call 01282 697692 to see how we can help you. Calvin is a nervous boy who is quite worried to find himself here at the moment. Xena and Theo live together and were both handled by PC Budd. He will be sadly missed by his Handler. Having won Force trials in 2017 Ash went on to win every phase and overall winners trophy at the Regional trials in Wales then finished 5th at the National Police Dog trials in the Metropolitan Police. 2. He wasnt long out of his course sadly when it was decided he wasnt suitable for the role. He carried on working after repair and is still running around like a headless chicken! During his career he received two commendations, one for tracking and detaining two offendersfollowing a firearms incident and the other from the National Police Chiefs Council following a second firearms incident in Cornwall. In December 2013 Bolt found a burglar hiding in an inflatable dingy during a break to a sailing shop; in January 2014 Bolt tracked over moorland for well over an hour to find two suspects who were arrested for burglary. If you are the very special adopters who are looking for a little pro Rescue Contacts. Fully trained working dogs tend to come our way when theyre old and the owner cant or isnt willing to pay vets bills, says Rhyannon. She was trained by her handler PC Budd at Guildford and went on to become an awesome tracking dog, she was a vocal little girl for her size when confronted with aggressive people. He was admired and complimented by all officers that worked with him and his handler, whether response officers, detectives, or firearms officers. Shadow is a GSD from Dutch working lines bought in to Devon and Cornwall from RAFPOL breeders in Wales.He started with his puppy walker at 8 weeks and went to his new handler Darren at 10 months whenthey startedtheir initial course.He passed with flying colours and worked from Camborne having many positive results in finding property, tracking suspects and locating missing persons.Shadow retired at the age of 5 years due to lumbosacral disease which is a spinal/nerve issue affecting his back legs.Since retirement, Shadow has enjoyed walks on the beach and relaxing in the comfort of his home with their other dogs, Rika, Freddie and Millie. Head-tapping, pacing back and forth, shadow-chasing and flesh-chewing are distressing behaviours normally associated with caged big cats. With the team initially policing South Devon area before returning to Exeter. Tess (Forgotten Souls Rescue, West Midlands) 26/12/22 - Lovely Tess has found a home! This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Luxury stationery: a wonderfully sensuous experience, Forging damascus steel barrels the rarest of skills. Vernon has typical terrier characteristics and can be a little grumpy If you know the name of the dog you are looking for then type the name into the 'Dog Name' box. He also tracked and assisted in the apprehension of drug dealers that had evaded other officers. He was puppy walked by many including Lyn, Rob, and Mel and Phil, all of whom did a fantastic job as he is not an easy dog!! Post author: Post published: 22/06/2022 Post category: brenda payne hendersonville, tn Post comments: criminal fraternities 18th century criminal fraternities 18th century He has now retired and lives with Sally where he has a wonderful life. Ella is a beginner on a lead but we're sure it won't be long before she a confident walker especially, Latch is a shy girl who needs a calm and understanding home. More information Alison is a very scared girl who is very overwhelmed to find herself here, Iris is a very nervous girl who will need an adult only and experienced home who have had scared dogs before, Reason is a very scared girl who is looking for an experienced home. Having worked so hard it was only right that Ash got the very best retirement for any dog, she now lives with friends of her handler on a rural farm in Aberdeenshire. He was puppy walked by his handler, Andy and his family before starting his cash, drugs and firearms recovery training in Surrey in 2014, later passing out with distinction. As time went on she became her handlers best friend and best crew mate a girl could ask for. Our mission is to help as many Spaniels and their crosses in the UK and abroad who need a new start in life to find their loving forever home. Otto is a busy pup looking for an active, loving home. Rodney is RPD Ozzy litter brother and they were both bred originally for gundog work but when failed their gundog tests they were donated to Dorset by the gamekeeper. He has had many great finds including a van stacked full of various drugs bound for the Cornwall Boardmasters festival. Bodie served from 2010-2015 with PS Cruwys . Although Clumbers are expensive, a lot end up needing new homes, probably because they are bought as appealing puppies with little thought to their needs as adults, Robert continues. She loved the attention and stimulation, says Robin. A. Ash was puppy walked by Annie Miller in Cornwall before being allocated to her handler Ben in the summer of 2014, she become a licenced Police Dog in December 2014 and worked a full career with Ben in Cornwall. Xena was a Devon and Cornwall bred A litter pup, originally called Ava by Paul Glennon. Ash also tracked and located a hidden male following a knife point robbery and alongside her handler received several Superintendent Commendations during her service. Springer Spaniel Rescue, for example, lists nine strict rules that apply to anyone who wants to rehome a spaniel. In February 2016they entered the Force trials once again and won every trophy available (other than the 2nd place trophy). Boris came into active duty in April 2015 and was handled by PC Drew and the following year became a Firearms Support Dog, he became one of the go-to FSD dogs for the teams much to his credit and ability as a jolly good chap around the teams and trusted by all. Shades is very bouncy and doesn't realise his own size. We have over 50 breeding female dogs, with a range of breeds including German Shepherds, Malinois, Dutch Herder, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and Labradors. Rehoming is taken seriously. Lark is a sweet but shy girl who is unsure of human kindness, Gale would like a home with her friend Gayla if possible, Gayla has come to us from a breeder and would like a home with Gale, Jace is a nervous girl who needs a calm and quiet home. Clumbers look beautiful in the ring and the youngsters are like adorable teddies but they grow into large, hairy, stubborn dogs that dribble everywhere. Quaver will need at least one kind resident dog to help her to settle into her new life, Josie is a very scared girl who will need a calm and quiet home, Octavia will need an adult only and very experienced and quiet home who have had scared dogs before. He also lives with Spooky the cat and Little cat (so far Spooky 1 Riggs 0). More information Mr President is a confident and bouncy boy who will need an active home and can be an only dog, Layland is a sweet pup who is very shy at the moment. Sharon was the first retirement placement that Scott looked at, it was also his last!! After over 12 months of trying various methods of training to ensure he was consistent it became apparent that this was just the type of character he was and that this was not the role for him. Pippa is a scared girl who needs a calm and understanding home, Constance is looking for a quiet home, preferable with no male humans, Jem is nervous but already showing signs of wanting to be friends, Gemma is a sweet but shy girl who loves other dogs, Padma will need a calm and quiet adult only home with at least one kind resident dog to help her to settle into her new life, Lacey is a shy beagle who feels much happier when around other dogs, Lily is a beautiful but very scared beagle who needs an experienced home. Bowser loved being at work, and thoroughly enjoyed his working life. There was no urgent need for Charley to be re-handled. Fergie is a handsome boy who is confident, friendly and smart, Scallon is a beautiful girl who is loyal, smart but a little shy, Tyrion is a very scared little boy who has no idea that hands can be kind. NESSR. He has been a life line during the COVID pandemic, providing much needed companionship during multiple lockdowns and helping to build new friendships with other dog owners in the local area. Working Cocker. Your search will automatically be generated further down the page. Thankfully she was allowed to retire with me and is now fully ensconced in the family home. He was the only one to become a Police Dog.Rebel was puppy walked by experienced puppy walkers Terry and Jill Hodge. Ive been dealing with rehoming Clumbers for 10 years. Supply is outstripping demand for spaniels and the harder it is to sell puppies, the less discriminating some breeders are about checking out potential owners. One of her last jobs before retirement was a track from a motorcycle which failed to stop in Plymouth. Tel 01453 812210. Yogi was handled by PC White and covered South Devon during his career, Yogi was also a Firearms dog. William had been found wandering Norwich. Indy has now retired to a beautiful new home and owners in Dorset where she will be rightly pampered and relax. He has retired to a colleague within Dorset Police and will join his family and elderly spaniel within a rural setting surrounded by fields and tennis balls. Keep up to date with all thats happening in the country. He was bred at Keston by the Metropolitan Police and was purchased by Dorset Police at 7 weeks old. Jess (RSPCA Tameside & Glossop, Gtr. George - male Spaniel (Cocker) Cross. Unfortunately Be had a tummy twist (torsion) in April 2019 and although we managed to save her life it was clear that despite healing on the outside something just wasnt right on the inside and so we made the decision to medically retire her in September 2019. Rufus is a stunning boy who would love a home with another playful dog, Peach is a very friendly girl who is happy to be around people, Heaven is a very sweet, older girl who is looking for her perfect retirement home. He was quite often seen doing foot patrol in Exeter city centre and quite a few people would recognise him. ADOPTION PROCESS. He was trained to detect explosives and has had a distinguished service protecting many dignitaries over his 7 years with the force. At 10 months old he came to Dorset Police and Dave took him on to be his new search dog. After being puppy walked Bolt joined the September 2011 initial course and after successfully completing the course Bolt was based in Plymouth for the whole of his 6 years service as a police dog. We think Candy is going to become a super loving girl who adores her adopters. The Cocker Spaniel Club's Rehoming & Rescue Scheme is dedicated to the rehoming of Cocker Spaniels of all ages. GIVE A DOG A HOME Jemma is a young dog and in the right home we thinks she will become a wonderful friend. Rolo is now enjoying his retirement where he lives with a serving member of the force and his family on the edge of Dartmoor. More information Union is a shy boy who is looking for a loving home, Twinkle is a very scared boy who will need lots of love and TLC. 2 years 2 months. Zesty will need an experienced, adult only home where there is at least one other dog to help her confidence with people, Jackie Jones is a nervous girl who will run away and hide in the back of her kennel. With adopters who have plenty of time, love and patience we thinks Hope will soon start to love her new life. Information. Molly is a 10 year old liver and white springer spaniel. Working cocker Cody was spotted in Battersea Dogs Home by a Hearing Dogs selector. She has settled in well and is loving life with the 3 children in the family. Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue Hickiory is in search of an experienced home where he can be the only dog. Bebe was stationed in Dorset and worked with her handler PC Hillier. Tel 01933 665562. Sadly the skips are costing 5000 a month to empty and some people have added to this cost by dumpring their own rubbish including a sofa in them so we need to change our bedding plans. A Section 18 search resulted in further evidence of dealing being found, the value of the drugs found by Amber was about 100,000. This family selectively breeds, trains, and shows top-class working Cocker Spaniels. Our adoption fees are as follows. He responded so well to basic training that I took him to a gundog trainer. He was responsible for not only taking large amounts of drugs off Dorset streets but also locating huge amounts of cash in which he received a personal thanks from the ACC in the form of a new ball! He is a very much loved part of the family and is happiest when hes either chasing a tennis ball or cuddling with Harry his 8 year old human brother. FVTA. He arrived in 2002 but never left, having got his paws under the table and a place in Roberts heart. will run away when approached but is lovely once you have her is a very sweet girl who is happy and waggy!

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