About Us

cropped-logo21-e1434626286146 The Lebanese Canadian Association of the North, LCAN, best cbd oil for dogs is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian association. LCAN was registered in the interior Ministry under the number 1241 dated on July 8, 2013. LCAN was officially classification topics launched on June 29, 2011 in an official ceremony held in Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli in the presence of H.E. Hilary Childs-adams, LCAN brings together Canadian citizens from northern Lebanon. Its main objective is to strengthen ties between Lebanon and Canada by organizing workshops, conferences, roundtables and other activities all reflecting Canadian culture and articles on essay writing services values. The association also hopes to develop new social and cultural exchanges between citizens of the two countries.   In brief, LCAN objectives include:

  • To encourage investment and to promote joint programs https://mailorderbride.pro/ in Lebanon and in Canada in the areas of human development and social stability.
  • To promote friendship between people of both Nations by improving the knowledge of Canadian values and to contribute in the organization of cultural events, socio-economical activities and tourism.
  • To accelerate the initiation of programs and grants that support social and humanitarian work, to participate in the distribution of aid and donations from the government of Canada and the NGOs and to secure ways to deliver them to the needy beneficiaries in Lebanon.
  • To produce brochures, organize workshops, conferences and the establishment of civic organizations that support educational and cultural activities.